Why polystyrene is a great insulation option for your home

One of the things that make homes comfortable to live in is the insulation that it has. The choices people make when it comes to home insulation depends on a few factors such as price and ease-of-installation. One common choice is the polystyrene sheets Brisbane homes near you use.

Is polystyrene your best bet when it comes to insulation? Is the polystyrene insulation Brisbane homes around you the right one for your own home? Should you consider other choices for your insulation needs?

When it comes to insulating your home, you have quite a few options to choose from. Some of the more commonly used choices include organic substances such as sheep’s wool, cotton, and cellulose insulation made out of old newspapers. Synthetic options include polyurethane, icynene, and the polystyrene sheets Brisbane homeowners commonly utilise for such a purpose.

Reasons why polystyrene is your best bet for home insulation

Some people will say that the best choice for home insulation is polyisocyanurate while others believe that fiberglass is the right one. These are all great insulation choices but nothing beats polystyrene when it comes to insulation. The reasons why it should be your insulation choice is:

  • It is a stable and easy-to-install insulation option
  • It has a low dielectric loss and has good electrical insulation properties
  • It is resistant to gamma radiation
  • It is transparent and rigid
  • It is pest and insect resistant
  • It is easy to mould, shape, and cut

These are some of the reasons why the polystyrene sheets Brisbane homes use for insulation is still a popular choice for those looking to insulate their homes. Another reason why homeowners choose this material for their home’s insulation is because it is one of the greener options around.

While it may seem like polystyrene is not eco-friendly given that it is a plastic, after all, it lasts a long time due to its durability. This means you won’t need to change it that often, making it an environmentally sound choice when compared with other synthetic insulation options. It is also recyclable, which make it a green option for insulation.

Polystyrene sheets or polystyrene foam?

If you find that sheets are not your best option for your home’s insulation needs, you might want to consider polystyrene foam Brisbane residences also use for such a purpose. Another choice people have for insulation is foam polystyrene. You can use this when your home has uneven walls or weirdly shaped spaces that need insulation.

To find out more about polystyrene insulation and which type is ideal for your residence, contacting polystyrene insulation suppliers such as Koolfoam can prove to be helpful. They can give you the information you need on the different kinds of insulation you can choose from. This can help you make an educated decision on what insulation to use for your home.

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